Aqua Chery

Aqua Cherry is a “riff reggae” band from NY. Their music provides sweet, uplifting, booty-shakin’ reggae grooves infused with a rebellious rock edge.

Aqua Cherry has shared the stage with Everlast, The Spin Doctors, Pat DiNizio of The Smithereens, BadFish, Underground Junction featuring Steven Bauer, The Scofflaws, Junior Marvin and The Wailers, Perro Bravo, Murphy’s Law, The Toasters, Corky Lang and The Mind Thieves, and Wonder Mike from The Sugar Hill Gang.

Over the years, in the studio and at countless gigs, Aqua Cherry has laid out a color palette of songs with which to create an immersive live experience.

Aqua Cherry has three studio albums, “Auto-Kiss Proof”, “So Pretty” EP, and “Drowning in the Shallow End”. “Auto Kiss Proof” makes good on a promise to keep bringing fans a lot of great music to enjoy.

When Aqua Cherry comes together, they trust in one another, and find the inspiration to push the music to new heights.

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