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Ultimate Performers Guide was founded by Bryan Glick.  He has been active in the Music community promoting and facilitating events as well as helping connect Artist to the right avenues.  A graduate of Adelphi University with a Business/Marketing Degree, Bryan has built a platform for many ambitious musicians  on Long Island, NY.   He is currently working with is a company MyJamTV run by David Zucker; an up and coming  streaming  music channel and Michael “Eppy” Epstien; founder of “My Fathers Place” a venue from the 70’s that hosted acts such as Billy Joel, The Ramones, and many other prominent artists.  His ultimate goal is to raise awareness of the creative arts community. This project will help assist performers find the resources they need to bring them to the next level  and take the burden off of the mundane and meticulous tasks entertainers face. Most importantly it lets them do what they do best.… perform.

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Sometimes creating an image is tough for an emerging artist.  UPG has assembled an expert team that will work with you to accomplish this task.  Our partners have accumulated a wide variety of skills relevant to the performing arts industry; they can assist you with the tools you need for booking, marketing, graphic design, photography, etc. Feel free to contact any of our staff to find out how we can accommodate your needs.




Michael Dolce is a professional Writer, Artist, Colorist, Web Guru and all around Awesome Dude.  Follow his radio show/podcast at secretsofthesire.com and contact him for any marketing needs at mbdstudiosinc.com



Help reach as many people as possible with customized digital and printed materials!  Get affordable business cards and flyers created, as well as a logo design if needed.  For more information visit www.HeatherHeckel.com

Lori is an event photographer with a strong passion for live music on Long Island.  Experienced in headshot, lifestyle, street, with an eye for detail for website photography.  Always with a camera in hand she became intrigued with the DSLR and made the plunge, taking classes and capturing images daily.  That was in 2012.  Since then it has been a wonderful journey of connection with people.


“MY JAM Music Network Television” is a new music channel for all artists, visible on Smart TV’s and Other devises with an internet connection, and Apps indicated in our where to watch guides. We are available in 194 countries and geared to all those who produce their own music, and music related shows and commercials. A new era has coming for promotion of your video’s worldwide.